14 ‘yassified’ great classical composers – for your viewing pleasure

27 January 2022, 17:50 | Updated: 15 February 2022, 10:30

Silent Monks Sing The Hallelujah Chorus

By Sophia Alexandra Hall

Great classical composers... with a 21st-century lick.

In November 2021, ‘yassification’ burst onto the scene as a new hyper-beautified meme taking the Internet by storm.

Social media users use the app, FaceApp, to hyper-beautify well-known celebrities. And the results are hilarious, and gorgeous.

With @YassifyBot leading the way with their take on President Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, we knew we had to jump on this trend.

So, we decided our favourite composers deserved a makeover. Introducing classical composers – the thirst-trap edition...

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  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Picture: Alamy

    Be still my beating Moz-heart.

  2. Clara Schumann

    Clara Schumann
    Clara Schumann. Picture: Redditor user, Creedelback

    Clara can play me like a piano any day.

  3. Franz Schubert

    Franz Schubert
    Franz Schubert. Picture: Alamy

    Hot take: Schubert’s Symphony No. 8 was really left unfinished because he was too busy admiring his reflection (and honestly, who can blame him?).

  4. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach
    Johann Sebastian Bach. Picture: Alamy

    Forget fugue daddy, this guy definitely has a podcast about discovering craft beer in his 40s.

  5. Fanny Mendelssohn

    Fanny Mendelssohn
    Fanny Mendelssohn. Picture: Alamy/FaceApp

    If Barbie made classical musicians...

  6. George Frideric Handel

    George Frideric Handel
    George Frideric Handel. Picture: Getty

    This guy’s jawline has me singing the Hallelujah Chorus. The original Too Hot to Handel.

  7. Franz Liszt

    Franz Liszt
    Franz Liszt. Picture: Getty

    I could write a Liszt of all the things that are perfect about this transformation.

  8. Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre

    Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre
    Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre. Picture: Alamy

    Elisabeth Claude Jacquet de La Guerre: has 15.8M followers on Instagram, runs a highly successful makeup channel on YouTube, has frequent collaborations with high street cosmetics lines and strongly denies allegations of lip fillers.

  9. Edward Elgar

    Edward Elgar
    Edward Elgar. Picture: Alamy

    Elgar looks so good in glasses it’s honestly an enigma.

  10. Dmitri Shostakovich

    Dmitri Shostakovich
    Dmitri Shostakovich. Picture: Color by Klimbim 0.1

    You and Dmi, baby.

  11. Francesca Caccini

    Francesca Caccini
    Francesca Caccini. Picture: Alamy

    Francesca ‘what a Cacc’-ini.

  12. Johannes Brahms

    Brahms. Picture: Alamy/FaceApp

    Brahms belongs in a glossy magazine ad for a high-end wristwatch brand and I won’t be convinced otherwise.

  13. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Picture: Color by Klimbim 0.1

    Yassified Tchaikovsky hangs out in a hipster independent coffee shop in Shoreditch where it’s £7.50 for a novelty latte, all the decor is dark wood and exposed metalwork and there are plants everywhere

  14. Antonio Vivaldi

    Vivaldi. Picture: Alamy/FaceApp