14 singer confessions that will make you go 'same'

18 October 2017, 16:05 | Updated: 18 October 2017, 16:09

Oh, your ‘mate’ took your last Vocalzone that you were saving for just before your recital to fight off that absolute stinker of a head cold, and now your whole world is turning upside down? Yep, same.

1. When you will buy LITERALLY ANYTHING that might have a 20% chance of getting rid of your cold


Darth Dominican #darthvader cordless humidifier. #singerproblems #starwars #nerd #nerdy

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2. Seriously, you’ll buy the entire pharmacy if it will give you your voice back.


3. When you go on voice rest, and nobody understands why you can’t just ‘come to the pub for one’


4. When EVERYTHING in life should be sung. Because it’s more fun, OK?


5. When after seven years of singing lessons, three years of music school and a year of being a paid professional singer, people still ask to hear your art for free



6. When you didn’t have time to warm up before leaving the house but you know people will just think you’re drunk if you do it in public



7. When coloratura is your very worst enemy


8. When you mentally convince yourself you can nail Queen of the Night, but your range just won’t cooperate



9. When you refuse to let petty things like learning a language hold you back from your full potential 


10. When you’re too sick to sing, and you slowly start to lose your mind


11. When Jonas Kaufmann is God


#TFW you have to practice twice as hard bc Jonas is judging you... #singerproblems #jonaskaufmann #comebacktoNY

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12. When you're not allowed to have sweet treats on concert day and it absolutely kills you


13. When no matter how exhausting it is for everyone around you, you refuse to reign in your love for the stage


14. When your vocal chords are ruined, you’ve probably got nodules and an endoscopy is definitely on the cards – but as long as there is still singing, you will be cheerful


Plus, these are all tiny troubles when you sound this spectacular: