18 highly relatable snapchats from tortured music students

6 July 2018, 14:02

Do you get randomly annoyed at performance directions? Do you shame your instrument on social media when it’s stressing you out? Then you’ll relate to these Snapchats from classical music students...

1. Truly the devil’s work

greatest struggle of life


2. This can't be normal

cardboard box snapchat

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3. Oh sure, of course

all men must die


4. Brass lyf

refuse to count this


5. That sounds like effort…

with force snapchat

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6. Are you trying to kill me?

excruciatingly slow snapchat

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7. Nope, definitely not

Sheet music key signature


8. Why I’m still single

bf meme


9. Armed, and ready to conquer.

sight reading armour

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10. *chuckles*

dollar in g string

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11. Oh boy

oboi meme


12. This is definitely too many time signatures

time signatures snapchat


13. My life is a tragedy

gradually becomes disaster meme


14. If you say so…

wine to drink


15. Oh hai there

shark meme


16. The most fun you'll ever have in a practice room

clarinet scream meme

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17. Practicality > beauty

musician in 2018


18. It’s finally happening…

how I die snapchat