The best Christmas presents for the music geek in your life

29 November 2019, 16:34 | Updated: 4 December 2019, 15:22

Musical Christmas presents
Musical Christmas presents. Picture: Instagram

Struggling with the Christmas shopping? Here are the very best (and barmiest) music-themed gifts out there for your classical-loving friends.

  1. An instrumental mug

    If your muso friend has a desk job 5-9, they'll love the chance to not-so-subtly show their instrumental credentials to their colleagues.

  2. Royal Opera House snow globe

    A charming setting of London's great home of opera and ballet. Who wouldn't love to get this in the office secret Santa?

    Royal Opera House snow globe
    Royal Opera House snow globe. Picture: Royal Opera House
  3. A piano teapot

    The gift your musical friend didn’t know they needed.

    Piano teapot
    Piano teapot. Picture: Photo: Tony Carter
  4. Because they're TOTES a musician

    Who doesn't love a tote bag? You always need one, and it's a perfect way for a your classical friend to look sharp as they shop. Especially when said bag contains a somewhat cringe musical pun.

  5. Piano hammer keyrings

    Up-cycling is a theme here, but how charming are these re-purposed piano hammers?

    Piano hammer keyring
    Piano hammer keyring. Picture: Snekkeren / etsy
  6. A flute lamp

    This brand of woodwind decor is popular among instrumental up-cyclers, and it actually looks amazing.

  7. 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing' mug

    You’ll only be able to use it for a month every year, but you’ll never need to print off pesky sheet music for ‘Hark! The herald’ ever again.

    Carol mug
    Carol mug. Picture: Kevin Mayhew
  8. Musical cupboard handles

    "Pass the salt" "Where is it?" "In the bass clef drawer".

    Musical cupboard
    Musical cupboard. Picture: Not on the High Street
  9. Piano shoes

    We're here to help with the Christmas CHOPIN.

  10. A skirt for string players

    What violinists wear...

    Posted by Classic FM on Tuesday, 7 April 2015
  11. A little treat

    It's the season of irresistibly charming miniature confections...

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  12. And rest...

    Christmas is a busy time, particularly for musicians. Make sure they get some of what's suggested on this perfect Boxing Day cushion....

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