10 times the Internet threw serious shade at classical music

9 October 2018, 16:28

Sometimes, the Internet hates classical music and it hurts our souls.

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a geeky muso text conversation and encountered the wrath of autocorrect, these are for you.

1. When Google refused to acknowledge the woodwind section

Bassoons - Google autocomplete


2. Then, when it just assumed all classical musicians are super fake

Why are classical musicians arrogant


3. When autocorrect turned one of the greatest composers of all time into a terrifying reproduction machine

Beethoven autocorrect


3. When SheetMusicPlus subtly declared its hatred for Rachmaninoff’s Cello Sonata

Imgur Rachmaninoff Sheet Music Plus


4. When thanks to autocorrect, the prospect of a flute recital acquired a whole new level of surprising.

flute recital autocorrect


5. When Amazon tried to get away with selling an incorrect Beethoven t-shirt

(But tbf, musicians got their own back in the reviews section)

bad beethoven t-shirt


6. When this violation threatened the very livelihood of viola players

Violist autocorrect


7. When Google Autocomplete put this label on all classical musicians and it really hurt

classical musicians autocomplete


8. Also, when it did the same for oboe players:

Oboe players autocomplete


9. When the meme world has no time for atonality

Schoenberg meme


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