19 tweets about classical music that are funny, relatable and frankly ridiculous

1 August 2019, 17:06 | Updated: 1 August 2019, 17:11

Why are musicians worried about scales
Picture: Twitter

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Kanye thinks classical music is tight yo.

  1. Can’t breathe

  2. Eric went there

  3. And yes, yes he is.

  4. It’s a scientific fact

  5. Most moving piece of all time, you heard it here first

  6. Did it really?

  7. Yes. Yes it is, Yeezy.

    Kanye West classical music tweet
    Picture: Twitter
  8. A downright entertaining way to start your morning

  9. Just call me Herbie Hancock and we can all go home


  11. Show this to a musician and make a friend for life

    5G Phone
    Picture: Classic FM
  12. This very handy visual aid...

  13. Na na na na...

    Librarian humour
    Picture: Twitter
  14. Genius

  15. Me after playing two scales

  16. Ugh

  17. Scales vs SCALES

    Worried about scales
    Worried about scales. Picture: Twitter
  18. A top tier meme

    Harp and a lyre
    Picture: Twitter
  19. Eric is the realest.