10 classical music ‘Who would win?’ memes that will make you snort-laugh

3 September 2018, 15:13 | Updated: 4 September 2018, 00:52

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

‘Who would win?’ has been the Internet’s favourite meme of the past couple of months… here are a few with a classical twist.

  1. Metronome
    Metronome. Picture: Classic FM
  2. Hammer
    Hammer. Picture: Classic FM
  3. E string
    E string. Picture: Classic FM
  4. Oboe
    Oboe. Picture: Reddit/ViolinistDrummer
  5. (via -rope-bunny-)

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  6. Guitar
    Guitar. Picture: me.me
  7. Perfect pitch
    Perfect pitch. Picture: Classic FM/Getty
  8. Clarinet
    Clarinet. Picture: Tumblr/raviolisgale
  9. Semiquavers
    Semiquavers. Picture: Tumblr/saltinethesmart
  10. Shostakovich
    Shostakovich. Picture: Classic FM