17 memes you’ll understand if you love-to-hate being a classical musician

3 September 2020, 17:16 | Updated: 6 May 2021, 17:49

By Kyle Macdonald

It fills our body with euphoria, consumes our mind with fear, and fills our feeds with memes. It must be classical music.

  1. It’s never stressful

    Marcus. Picture: me.me
  2. It earns you plenty of money

    Music degrees meme
    Music degrees meme. Picture: Reddit / NikolaiCello05
  3. And means you can afford really nice things

    Normal people versus pianists
    Normal people versus pianists. Picture: Reddit / wangludio
  4. Composers never try to confuse you

    Giving these bars everything
    Picture: Ben Dawson/Twitter
  5. And un-harmonious noises never cause you anxiety.

    Change my mind
    Change my mind. Picture: Reddit / rjs_314
  6. Your instrument always works with you, never against you

  7. Composers always make it super-easy for you

    Rachmaninov. Picture: Social media
  8. Motivation is never a problem

  9. Really, never...

    Old and tired
    Old and tired. Picture: me.me
  10. This has never happened to you

  11. You always get to play the best passages in orchestra

  12. The world is always well-catered to your needs

    The world is always catered to you
    Picture: Classic FM
  13. Practice is just totally fine

    When I practice
    When I practice. Picture: Tumblr / you-had-me-at-e-flat-major
  14. And you’ve got loads of time to see friends

    Practice. Picture: Instagram
  15. But when the jokes are this top-notch

    Reddit question
    Reddit question. Picture: Reddit
  16. And the memes this strong...

    Nailed. It.
    Picture: @bach2memes
  17. ... it’s all worth it.

    Listening. Picture: Classic FM/ Getty