17 memes you’ll understand if you love-to-hate being a classical musician

3 September 2020, 17:16 | Updated: 6 May 2021, 17:49

Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, played by a toy orchestra

By Kyle Macdonald

It fills our body with euphoria, consumes our mind with fear, and fills our feeds with memes. It must be classical music.

  1. It’s never stressful

    Marcus. Picture: me.me
  2. It earns you plenty of money

    Music degrees meme
    Music degrees meme. Picture: Reddit / NikolaiCello05
  3. And means you can afford really nice things

    Normal people versus pianists
    Normal people versus pianists. Picture: Reddit / wangludio
  4. Composers never try to confuse you

    Giving these bars everything
    Picture: Ben Dawson/Twitter
  5. And un-harmonious noises never cause you anxiety.

    Change my mind
    Change my mind. Picture: Reddit / rjs_314
  6. Your instrument always works with you, never against you

  7. Composers always make it super-easy for you

    Rachmaninov. Picture: Social media
  8. Motivation is never a problem

  9. Really, never...

    Old and tired
    Old and tired. Picture: me.me
  10. This has never happened to you

  11. You always get to play the best passages in orchestra

  12. The world is always well-catered to your needs

    The world is always catered to you
    Picture: Classic FM
  13. Practice is just totally fine

    When I practice
    When I practice. Picture: Tumblr / you-had-me-at-e-flat-major
  14. And you’ve got loads of time to see friends

    Practice. Picture: Instagram
  15. But when the jokes are this top-notch

    Reddit question
    Reddit question. Picture: Reddit
  16. And the memes this strong...

    Nailed. It.
    Picture: @bach2memes
  17. ... it’s all worth it.

    Listening. Picture: Classic FM/ Getty