19 cringe classical music memes that put the ‘funny’ in symphony

18 August 2020, 16:45 | Updated: 18 August 2020, 17:23

By Kyle Macdonald

Instrument case open, music stand ready. Your diligent practice session should be beginning, but there are memes to scroll through.

  1. That feeling of dread.

    Sharps. Picture: Instagram
  2. Why do you have two names?

    Drake knows their name
    Enharmonic Drake . Picture: Instagram / musicbingos
  3. Is this Jazz?

    Extended harmony questions. Picture: Matthew Gioia and Brett Ledet
  4. My crush

    Steinway crush
    Steinway crush. Picture: Instagram
  5. Immortal Beethoven

    Beethoven. Picture: Twitter / PlantyPal
  6. A sight-reading spectacle

    Sight reading
    Sight reading. Picture: Viola Memes
  7. A pitch joke that's so good it hertz

  8. Six sharps, you say?

    Tenor clef
    Tenor clef. Picture: Instagram
  9. My Mozart calendar, 2020

    Amadeus calendar
    Amadeus calendar. Picture: Instagram
  10. Mary had a little... sightreading

    Mary had a little... sightreading
    Mary had a little... sightreading. Picture: Twitter / PuccaNoodles
  11. Staff coverings

  12. We all need a big hand this year

  13. A musician's life in one flow chart

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    You know how it is #twosetviolin

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  14. Sopranos don't sing below E

  15. 2020 harmony

  16. When you compliment my playing

  17. Classical composers characters

  18. Brass dophins

  19. You right now...