19 classical music memes guaranteed to make you laugh and cringe

8 September 2020, 10:17

Clever Chicken Plays Operatic Aria on Keyboard

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

If you’re a big old classical music nerd like us, you’ll love these top-tier musical memes.

  1. Good memes get better with age

    Chopin. Picture: Unknown
  2. Top work

  3. This is me…

    Singing. Picture: Classic FM
  4. If The Rock had a 17th-century alter-ego

    Dwayne Baroque Johnson
    Picture: Classic FM
  5. Or should that be...

    2Bach. Picture: N/A
  6. Geddit?

    Now I under-stand
    Now I under-stand. Picture: Classic FM
  7. A meme to feed your soul

    Picture: N/A
  8. I see what you did there

    Note values
    Note values. Picture: Unknown
  9. 10/10

    Piano. Picture: John Finnemore
  10. A truer meme never existed

    Dead. Picture: Amanda Solomon
  11. Brilliant.

    Music touches you
    Music touches you. Picture: Unknown
  12. Joker...

    B minor
    B minor. Picture: Unknown Punster
  13. Hello moto

    Con moto
    Con moto. Picture: Unknown
  14. Nicely done.

    Gregorian chant
    Gregorian chant. Picture: Classic FM
  15. *groan*

    Czech one too
    Picture: Dad Jokes/Twitter
  16. Beethoven’s famous pub trips

    Beethoven 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    Picture: N/A
  17. Every musician’s nightmare

    Key signature
    Key signature. Picture: artmusicmemes
  18. Accurate. *cries over finger callouses*

    Rachmaninov. Picture: g-sharp-minor
  19. And remember, always:

    Think outside the Bachs
    Picture: N/A