19 hilarious dad jokes about classical music that are so bad, they’re good

19 June 2020, 15:52 | Updated: 19 June 2020, 15:56

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

These timeless classical music jokes are so bad, your dad probably invented them. Did you hear the one about the tuba glue?

To all the classical-loving dads out there, happy Father’s Day...

  1. Beethoven's favourite fruit

  2. How drummers name their daughters

  3. Give this dad a raise

  4. A classic

    Chopin, Chopout
    Chopin, Chopout. Picture: Unknown
  5. That time Bach couldn't contain himself


    Mahler, smahler
    Mahler, smahler. Picture: Unknown
  7. Brass lolz

  8. A classic

  9. Sorry, sops

  10. So baaaad it's good

    Tubas. Picture: Unknown
  11. Eric Whitacre: the ultimate Dad.

  12. Yes yes, very good

    Murdered piano
    Murdered piano. Picture: John Finnemore
  13. Good jokes get better with age

    Haydn. Picture: Classic FM
  14. Every dad, ever.

  15. Pure garbage

  16. * slow claps *

  17. Best kitchen ever

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    Accurate. (via @cute_violin_nation_)

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  18. Had to be done

    Handel with care
    Picture: N/A
  19. Ba dum tss.

    Dog joke
    Dog joke. Picture: Twitter