19 dad jokes about classical music that are so bad they’re actually hilarious

22 June 2021, 16:57 | Updated: 22 June 2021, 16:58

Dad moves his baby’s mouth to ‘O Holy Night’ and the baby totally loves it

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

These timeless classical music jokes are so bad, your dad probably invented them. Did you hear the one about the tuba glue?

  1. Beethoven's favourite fruit

  2. How drummers name their daughters

  3. Give this dad a raise

  4. A classic

    Chopin, Chopout
    Chopin, Chopout. Picture: Unknown
  5. That time Bach couldn't contain himself

  6. Brass lolz

  7. Sorry kids, this movie’s off limits

    Sax and violins
    Sax and violins. Picture: Social media
  8. A classic

  9. Sorry, sops

  10. So baaaad it's good

    Tubas. Picture: Unknown
  11. Eric Whitacre: the ultimate Dad.

  12. Yes yes, very good

    Murdered piano
    Murdered piano. Picture: John Finnemore
  13. Good jokes get better with age

    Haydn. Picture: Classic FM
  14. Only a dad could be responsible for this

    Playing guitar really badly
    Picture: Dad Jokes/Twitter
  15. Pure garbage

  16. * slow claps *

  17. Best kitchen ever

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    Accurate. (via @cute_violin_nation_)

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  18. Had to be done

    Handel with care
    Picture: N/A
  19. Ba dum tss.

    Dog joke
    Dog joke. Picture: Twitter