23 classical music memes that perfectly sum up your love life

24 February 2021, 16:28 | Updated: 24 February 2021, 16:53

Moonlight Sonata breakup

Trying to balance excellent musicianship with a normal love life can be tough. Here are some memes to help you remember you’re not alone.

1. *stares melancholically out of a rain-spattered window*


2. And when the dating world just doesn’t get you

Online dating


3. When they say he thinks about it every seven seconds

thinking about other girls meme


4. This tragic truth

love life practice meme


5. Wishing, hoping that someday, you’ll find someone who’s as on your wavelength as this Valentine:

valentines card meme

(via Hannah Beech) 

6. Or this perfect boyfriend



7. But then giving up on that thought two seconds later and accepting your cruel fate

story of my life meme

(via instagram.com/bandnerdrelatable)

8. Relating to the whistling guy every damn day

desperately need to practise meme

(via new-world-symphony.tumblr.com)

9. Loving Bach more than any human

Bach hug


10. Also, the mild concern that no potential date will ever understand your weird classical obsessions

talking to my date about music meme


11, Being aware you SHOULD try and find a date, but knowing that realistically you’ll never find anyone if you keep cracking jokes like this

dollar in g string


12. And this

All the cymbal ladies


13. The fear that you might accidentally end up falling for a BAD MUSICIAN

bad bow hold meme


14. No, no, no...

Talk during concerts


15. This 100% legit way to persuade someone to go out with you

hector Berlioz meme


16. When you know you’ll probably never be as good a musician as your orchestra crush

me vs the girl I like meme


17. Also, the constant fear that bae might leave you for a better musician

you vs the guy meme


18. This outstanding truth

 Women don't want

19. When you’ve been a musician for so long that you have no idea how to flirt with normal people

chat up line musician meme


20. And you start to believe that lines like this might actually work

diatonic scale meme


21. ... and super-sexy musical come-ons like this might actually get you a date

fermata hold you meme


22. After all, you did learn from the best

composer love meme


23. Thanks for having our Bach, guys

too hot to handel meme