John Williams: Jurassic Park

This early 90s science fiction film based on the novel by Michael Crichton was a big-budget blockbuster by Steven Spielberg.

Release date: 11 June, 1993
Director: Steven Spielberg
Cast: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Attenborough, Samuel L Jackson

The film: InGen is a genetics company that has learned how to clone dinosaurs and intends to use them in a theme park. When an employee of InGen is killed by a Velociraptor, CEO John Hammond calls specialists in to investigate the safety of the island. However, disaster unfolds when a storm hits the island and the dinosaurs escape, leaving the specialists - Drs. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, as well as chaos theorist Dr. Ian Malcolm and a lawyer - in extreme danger.

The best Jurassic Park theme cover versions

The score: Written in the same year as Schindler's List, which was a major award-winner in 1993, John Williams's score for Jurassic Park may have been somewhat overshadowed. However this 'fun' dinosaur movie enabled him to use an array of compositional techniques which he employed in many of his 1990s film scores.

The minute this theme was first aired in 1992, it sounded like it had been around for millions of years, instantly an old friend. It has majesty, somehow, written into the score and befits the wonderful, enormous creatures that Spielberg brought to life on the screen.