Riccardo Muti's captivating Carmina Burana

Boundless choral energy and imaginative direction from Muti and the Philharmonia players in this Italianate interpretation.

Composer: Orff
Repertoire: Carmina Burana
Artists: Soloists; Philharmonia Chorus and Orchestra/Muti
Rating:  5/5 
Genre: Vocal
Label: EMI Encore 586 4282

Riccardo Muti’s recent ousting from La Scala made headline news and fuelled hostile comment about his ‘dictatorial’ conducting style. His uncompromising approach, however, reaps dividends when it comes to performance, fully confirmed in this strikingly imaginative, aurally enchanting 1979 recording of Carmina Burana. Italianate Latin, lyrical solo and choral singing, and unbridled energy contribute to the dramatic construction of Muti’s interpretation. One of the best Carminas on disc.