Opera singers capsize during open-air Magic Flute

8 August 2013, 11:19 | Updated: 18 September 2014, 15:18

Three opera singers were left bedraggled and sodden when the boat carrying them to an open-air stage capsized, tipping them into a lake.

The singers, who were performing in Mozart's The Magic Flute at the Bregenz Festival in Austria (pictured), were in a boat as part of the outdoor show when it capsized on its way to the stage.

The capsizing, which happened on Tuesday evening, was reportedly due to the waves in the lake bent the rail guiding the boat towards the stage.

None of the singers were hurt during the incident and the performance resumed after a short pause.

One of the singers who was tipped into the lake, Kathryn Lewek (who was playing the Queen of the Night), tweeted after the capsizing: "My Bregenz contract stated I must not be afraid of heights & be physically fit - but nothing about swimming."

When asked by another Twitter user if she was dry yet, Lewek replied: "after many warm hugs, YES, I am finally dry!!"