Mozart’s sister – finally recognised?

A film re-imagining ‘Nannerl’ Mozart’s life might finally shine a spotlight on Wolfgang’s older sister.

Mozart’s Sister, as the title suggests, is a film that’s finally set to put the great composer’s sibling centre stage. With actress Marie Feret playing the title role, the film is a re-imagined account of Maria Anna ‘Nannerl’ Mozart, a musical genius in her own right.

The story follows Nannerl’s aspiration to compose and perform in the shadow of her brother and in the face of fierce sexism. Could a friendship with the son and daughter of Louis XV change her life forever?

Mozart’s Sister is written, directed and produced by René Féret, the father of leading lady Marie. An interview with the actress will be featured in September’s issue of the Classic FM Magazine and you can see a trailer of the movie below.