Mozart and Haydn: Arcangelo/Jonathan Cohen

Mozart, Concertos—Haydn, Sinfonia concertante—Arcangelo & Jonathan Cohen


Classic FM Drive Featured Album, 25 May 2015, after 6pm

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart only wrote one Oboe Concerto and one Bassoon Concerto – and on this superb new release both concertos are given thrilling performances by the ensemble Arcangelo, which attracts an outstanding calibre of musicians who already have flourishing solo and chamber music careers.

Arcangelo are directed by their founder, one of Britain’s finest young musicians Jonathan Cohen, who has forged a remarkable career with notable success as a conductor, cellist and keyboardist.

In addition to the Mozart works here, there is also a chance to discover Haydn's Sinfonia concertante - written at the very zenith of the composer's popularity — in which four soloists compete with the orchestra to create a breathtaking, and quite theatrical, experience.

Cohen's lively incorporation of authentic performance practices hits just the right tone, and the soloists throughout are exceptional.