Mozart doesn't quite come off the page

Kirschnereit takes the lead in piano concertos No. 11 and No. 22 by Mozart, accompanied by the Bamberg SO and Frank Beermann

Composer: Mozart
Repertoire: Mozart Piano Concertos 11 & 22
Artists: Matthias Kirschnereit (piano), Bamberg SO/Frank Beermann
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Orchestral/Instrumental
Label: Arte Nova 74321983372

With two of Mozart’s most delicious piano concertos, there’s a distinct lack of expressiveness from orchestra and soloist alike (quite apart from some awful intonation in the horns in No.22), though Kirschnereit emerges to better effect in his own cadenzas for No.11, sensitively written and played. Generally the performances emerge as nice, correct and a bit stodgy, never truly taking emotional flight.