This stunning string quartet rendition of Elgar's 'Nimrod' will give you goosebumps

21 March 2018, 17:37 | Updated: 4 June 2018, 09:53

A beautiful rendition of Elgar's Enigma Variations, played by a string quartet. Warning: it might make you weep uncontrollably.

The Carducci Quartet, recognised as one of today’s most successful string quartets, performed this stunning four-part rendition of the piece ahead of their concert at St John's Smith Square in March earlier this year.

‘Nimrod’ is already the most performed, and arguably most moving excerpt from Elgar’s Enigma Variations. But the simplicity of the strings and their sweeping bow strokes in this rendition brings an extra tear to the eye.

Now, here’s a stunning vocal rendition by VOCES8, called 'Lux Aeterna':