One of the UK's leading Brahms scholars came into the studio to talk about the composer

28 September 2015, 11:34 | Updated: 28 September 2015, 11:51

More Music Breakfast presenter Tim Lihoreau and Brahms aficionado Chris Moyles enjoy an engaging conversation about the music of great German Romantic composer.

A high-profile expert in the music of Johannes Brahms came into the Classic FM studio this morning for an in-depth discussion of the composer's work. The pair discussed the German composer and his creative struggle with symphonic form.  

In an engaging talk, Chris Moyles, 41, talked of his personal connection to the composer's work. "I like Brahms's work," he said, going on to commend the composer on his mature sound. Moyles elaborated, basing his opinion on the fact that the composer "didn't start writing symphonies (sic) until his mid-40s", accounting for "its more grown-up sound". 

Johannes Brahms in fact began writing his first symphony in 1855, at age 22, however 21 years of creative struggle followed as the composer constantly re-worked this opus. His first symphony was eventually premiered in 1877, but he went on to write three further works in the genre.

After the brief interview Tim Lihoreau said: "Brahms and his music are notoriously impenetrable. I really admire Moyles's unique ability to explore something as complex as the creative integrity and character of Brahms's sound and sum it up in just two half-sentences."

Watch our interview with Moyles below.  

Chris invades the Classic FM studio!

Chris invades the Classic FM studio!

Posted by The Chris Moyles Show On Radio X on Monday, 28 September 2015