Brahms and Elgar rub shoulders

Brahms and Elgar find themselves together on a single volume by Adrian Boult.

Composers: Brahms, Elgar
Repertoire: Symphony No.1 (Brahms); Enigma Variations (Elgar)
Artists: Adrian Boult
Rating: 4/5
Genre: Orchestral
Label: ICA Classics ICAC5019 

The Music: 
Tension, violence, tenderness, joy and even pastoral-like moments rub shoulders in Brahms’s multi-faceted First Symphony, as tragedy and peace jostle for supremacy. It’s a fabulous partner to Elgar’s enduringly popular Enigma Variations, not least because Boult was a respected interpreter of both composers. This disc carries the additional treat of an 85th birthday interview with him. 

The Performance: 
These performances would surpass all superlatives under any circumstance, but what makes them especially incredible is that, despite Boult being in his nineties, they sound like the interpretations of a young man. Given that the Brahms in particular was one of the works Boult studied closely in 1912 as a student in Leipzig, perhaps it’s no wonder. Whatever the reason, he’s on fire with it. Taken at a faster-than-average tempo, it’s incisive, exciting, alive with forward momentum, and with a real sense of the musical story to be told. The tingle-factor moments in this, and indeed the Elgar, just keep coming.

The Verdict: 
Many recordings have been released since these first appeared, and
 yet one would be hard-pushed to name any that can truly top them. They’re proof, if any were needed, that sometimes the oldies are the best.

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