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Bach's children

Q: How many children did J.S. Bach have? A: Loads. Here’s what we know.

JS Bach

Bach's Violin Concertos - Where To Start

Hardest violin pieces

These are the hardest pieces ever written for the VIOLIN

J.S. Bach's hands

Bach’s anatomy helped him achieve greatness, says new study

György and Márta Kurtág Bach duet

This 90-year old couple play Bach together and it will bring tears to your eyes

Bach and Mozart – through the new gender-swapping Snapchat filter

We used Snapchat’s gender-swapping filter on famous composers… and the results are terrifying

Nicola Benedetti St Paul's Cathedral

Nicola Benedetti playing Bach in an empty St Paul's Cathedral is just breathtaking

Phantom of the Opera and Bach

This pianist has mixed The Phantom of the Opera with a Bach harpsichord concerto – and it WORKS

This dog sings along to Bach

This dog can sing along to Bach’s ‘Air on the G String’ – and we’re genuinely impressed

Adele fugue

Some grade-A music geek has turned Adele’s 'Hello' into a Bach Fugue

Easter hymns and sacred music favourites tell the story of Jesus

Easter music: the 14 greatest classical pieces

New Releases: Concerto for Four Keyboards – Koroliov, Vinnitskaya, Georgieva; Nino Rota: Works for Harp – Anneleen Lenaerts

New Releases: Bach: Concertos for Pianos – Koroliov, Vinnitskaya, Georgieva; Nino Rota: Works for Harp – Anneleen Lenaerts

JS Bach and Princess Eugenie

J.S. Bach given a boost among under-35s thanks to Princess Eugenie

Bach Google Doodle compositions

People are sharing their own versions of the Bach Google Doodle – and they’re really good

JS Bach Google Doodle

Google created a Bach harmonisation machine, and you can play it here!

This incredible pianist played Bach upside down

This incredible pianist played a Bach masterpiece upside down – and our minds are officially blown

Jacques Loussier

This Bach fugue captures the pure musical genius of the late Jacques Loussier