The Full Works Concert - Tuesday 7 October, 8pm

Mozart, Dvorak, Bizet and Haydn are on the menu for tonight's splendid Concert.

Tonight’s Full Works Concert opens with Mozart’s ever-popular Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.It's a piece that Mozart never published in his lifetime. His widow, Constanze, later sold it in a job lot of his music to a publisher in 1799, to raise funds. We'll hear a new recording from the Chamber Players of Canada. Their performances have been garnering five-star reviews. The 'playing is of the highest quality' said one. 'They breathed into the music a lithe vibrancy that can often elude the big orchestra,' wrote another critic. 

The Symphony in C was written as a student assignment in one month by the 17-year old Georges Bizet (pictured), while he was studying at the Paris Conservatoire under GounodBizet showed no apparent interest in having it performed or published, and while he used certain material from the symphony in later works, the piece was never played in his lifetime. He died in 1875, and the symphony was only found in 1933, receiving its first performance in Basel, Switzerland, two years later. It was immediately hailed as a youthful masterpiece and quickly became part of the standard Romantic repertoire.

Jane Jones also shines the spotlight on Dvorak’s Piano Concerto, not nearly as well known as his violin and cello concertos, but very beautiful and well worth discovering.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K.525
Chamber Players of Canada

Antonin Dvorak: Piano Concerto in G minor Opus 33
Piano: Pierre-Laurent Aimard
Nikolaus Harnoncourt conducts the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Georges Bizet: Symphony in C major
Jukka-Pekka Saraste conducts the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Joseph Haydn: Horn Concerto in D major
French horn: Dmitri Babanov
Helmut Muller-Bruhl conducts the Cologne Chamber Orchestra