Saturday Night at the Movies - 20 December 2014, 5pm

Howard Goodall takes a look back at 2014 in the world of film music.

As 2014 draws to a close, Howard Goodall takes a look back at the year in the world of cinema, from the big anniversaries and award winners to key events and box office hits. 

Steven Price was the first British composer in many moons to take home the Oscar for Best Score - for Gravity. Hans Zimmer also went into space with Interstellar.

Other highlights of Howard's musical year were Steve Jablonsky's music for Transformers: Age of Extinction and Gary Yershon's sparse soundtrack for Mr. Turner

Howard will also take a moment to celebrate the screen stars we've lost in 2014, including Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall and Philip Seymour Hoffmann.  

Also tonight, there are some very festive - and family-oriented - Christmas movie scores to get us in the seasonal spirit, including Home Alone and – wait for it – The Muppet Christmas Carol