Organ news & features

1693 Schnitger Organ

You can now play a majestic 17th-century Baroque organ (from your laptop)

Beverley Palin with a 100-year-old trench organ

This 100-year-old organ was played in the trenches of the First World War

Glass harp Bach toccata

We are completely mesmerised by Bach’s Toccata and Fugue on wine glasses

Blackpool Tower Phil Kelsall

Watch the amazing organist of the Wurlitzer Organ of Blackpool Tower Ballroom in action

metallica for organ and drums

Now we’ve seen everything: Metallica for church organ and drums

Ivan Dukhnych

One man plays an exceptionally beautiful Bach duet on violin AND organ

Organ stock photo

The 10 worst things about playing the organ

tiny pipe organ made of paper and cardboard

This tiny pipe organ is made ONLY from paper and cardboard

musician every day tips

10 extremely simple things musicians can do every day to make life a little easier

Flight of the Bumblebee organ pedals

This organist plays The Flight of the Bumblebee WITH HIS FEET

star wars organ improvisation

Somehow, this organist improvised a Christmas carol into the Star Wars theme (and it’s magnificent)

Wellington Cathedral organ earthquake damage

New Zealand earthquake: heartbreaking video shows damage to Wellington Cathedral organ

Flight of the Bumblebee played on an organ’s pedal

Flight of the Bumblebee… played on an organ’s pedals

Wayne Marshall on the Royal Albert Hall organ

We got one of the best organists in the world to play on one of the biggest organs ever made – improvising on themes suggested by you

worst things to happen to a classical musician

The 13 worst things to happen to a classical musician

Wayne Marshall organ

Watch this incredible improvisation on the mighty Royal Albert Hall organ featuring Star Wars, Elgar and Beethoven

Game of Thrones organ, piano and cello cover

The Game of Thrones theme played on organ, piano and cello is majestic

star wars organ voluntary

An organist just forced up this wedding service with this epic Star Wars organ voluntary