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Flight of the Bumblebee Bass Clarinet

Flight of the Bumblebee on a bass clarinet will make you feel inferior

olivier messiaen

This composer wrote his most famous work while in a prisoner-of-war camp

duet between the biggest and smallest clarinet

Listen to this duet between the biggest and smallest clarinets

Stammer and Pidgin sewer video

Watch this dissonant French duet, performed in a SEWER

gervase de peyer

We’ve lost the man who gave us this utterly sublime clarinet tone


This is a Contrabass Clarinet and it sounds utterly monstrous

musician every day tips

10 extremely simple things musicians can do every day to make life a little easier

best concertos ever written

These are the 16 most essential concertos in all of classical music

amazing rhapsody in blue gliss

This insane Rhapsody in Blue glissando is one of the best we've ever heard

le api clarinet

We wish we could play this insanely fast clarinet piece, but there’s literally no way

mozart drums

Someone added a drum part to Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto and it is surprisingly awesome

worst things to happen to a classical musician

The 13 worst things to happen to a classical musician

clarinet mouth gershwin rhapsody gliss

This is what a clarinetist’s mouth actually does during the Rhapsody in Blue glissando

Mozart clarinet helium

What happens when you inhale helium and play Mozart's Clarinet Concerto?

gershwin rhapdody in blue gliss

This is how you play the clarinet glissando from ‘Rhapsody In Blue’