Flight of the Bumblebee on a bass clarinet will make you feel inferior

2 February 2018, 10:24

By Amy MacKenzie

This definitely isn't *just* another Flight of the Bumblebee cover.

Topic of discussion: Flight of the Bumblebee covers. Are they overdone? Yes. Do we still love them anyway? Yes.

YouTuber Earspasm Music decided to use Rimsky-Korsakov's piece for a whole new topic of conversation: alternate fingering. His video didn't just prove to be useful, but also seriously impressive. Even his subscribers were amazed... 

Flight of the bumblebee bass clarinet reaction

Even if you've watched hundreds of Flight of the Bumblebee cover videos, there's no denying this one is an absolute cracker.

Here's another first-rate cover, played on 101 bottles and three butter knives: