19 memes to prove musicians have a warped sense of humour

18 November 2020, 17:39

By Kyle Macdonald

A celebration of the jokes we love to share, and our strange muso brains.

We love to share funny memes in our choir cliques, our string squads. But take a step back and think, our sense of humour is quite warped isn't it? I mean, with any other audience, all these classical music jokes would fall ♭.

  1. Other people probably just don't get us

  2. And our intense love for anything that has a harmonic pun.

    Enharmonic car
    Enharmonic car. Picture: Twitter / Janet Horvath
  3. And if there’s ever an innocent typo, how we laugh!

    1000-year-old Beethoven
    1000-year-old Beethoven. Picture: Facebook / Duo Lamorniana
  4. “Wait, humans don’t have six fingers!”

    *laughs hysterically in musician*

  5. We like to make fun of other voice parts (for some reason)

    Sopranos. Picture: Facebook / Ethan Canner
  6. And instruments other than our own (but obviously, mainly violas)

    Take it away, violinist Ray Chen....

  7. It’s impossible for us not to laugh when talking about violas (for some reason)

  8. Why is it always so funny? We are strange creatures.

  9. If you ever want to impress a musician, just notate something. They always find it funny.

    Sneeze transcription
    Sneeze transcription. Picture: Instagram
  10. We also love jokes about not counting

    Rests. Picture: Facebook / Joao Duarte
  11. So much humour with Bach

  12. Because, you know, it also sounds like the noise a dog makes

  13. And chickens too

    Bach Bach Bach
    Bach Bach Bach. Picture: Facebook / Dynamic Rhythms
  14. Whenever something looks like a piano keyboard, we lose our minds

    Piano socks
    Piano socks. Picture: Twitter
  15. We’d be like “finally, a piano I can easily transport”

    Piano shadows
    Piano shadows. Picture: Reddit / Elextrix_
  16. We structure so many jokes around the assumption we were talking about this century...

    Beethoven 1700s
    Beethoven 1700s. Picture: Reddit / THECLASSICMAN320
  17. Because jokes about the 1800s never date.

    '80s music
    '80s music. Picture: Tumblr / lingling40hrs
  18. In terms of our brand of comedy, hand sizes are everything.

  19. And the best punchline to literally every musician joke?