17 fortissimo classical memes that are literally music to my ears

18 June 2021, 14:29

Best Orchestra Joke – Wait For It!

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

The best classical lols and treblesome clefs, to help distract you from practice today.

  1. *puts foot down* (on piano pedal)

    Toy piano meme
    Picture: Classic FM

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  2. Who do I need to call to make this dream a reality?

    Car horns The Office
    Picture: Javy Careaga
  3. Nah, you’re alright

    Frodo meme
    Picture: dr_beethoven
  4. How to burn your pianist friends

    Piano crescendo
    Picture: Robert Komaniecki/Twitter
  5. *sobs in semiquavers*

    Chopin line
    Picture: Classic FM
  6. The absolute cheek of it

    3am trumpet practice
    Picture: Classic FM
  7. And that’s the truth of it

    Dancers took 5, 6, 7, 8
    Picture: Shower Thoughts/Twitter
  8. Technology: 1. Diligent musicians: 0.

    Loki fingerprint
    Picture: Classic FM
  9. The only boys I care about

    Composers One Direction
    Picture: Classic FM/Getty
  10. So weird that my back is always hurting

    Prawn piano
    Picture: @bach2memes
  11. Kid thought he was a genius

    When you didn't practise for your online lesson
    Picture: quentinquarantino
  12. Nailed it.

    Shrek recital
    Picture: Robert Komaniecki/Twitter
  13. You can’t recycle wasted time

    Buzz Lightyear classical meme
    Picture: musician_humor
  14. *covers ears*

    Picture: Classic FM/Netflix via Friends
  15. Guess not then

    Anakin Skywalker meme
    Picture: Classic FM
  16. Fixed it

    Rachmaninov mini hands
    Picture: Classic FM
  17. *mind expands*

    Intervals between claps
    Picture: Shower Thoughts/Twitter

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