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Classic FM Album of the Week & Drive Discovery

New Releases: John Williams film scores arranged for violin; Mozart Clarinet Quintet

Jurassic Park lyrics

This comedian set credible lyrics to the ‘Jurassic Park’ theme and literally ruined it for everyone

Soloist cries in Schindler's List

Soloist is left in tears after an emotional performance of ‘Schindler’s List’


7 times classical music was inspired by space

John Williams

Unheard John Williams music has been released for the first time – listen here

Seal taught to sing the 'Star Wars' theme

Seals trained to sing the ‘Star Wars’ theme – watch the video

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is now live in concert

You can now watch Star Wars live in concert with a full symphony orchestra

John Williams I – V interval

We've worked out John Williams' secret to starting a great melody, and it's unbelievably simple

star wars holst

Star Wars soundtracked by Holst's 'Mars, the bringer of War' is actually incredible

John Williams

These are inarguably the best musical themes from all the Star Wars films

Pikachu march soundtracked by the Imperial March

Someone synced up a giant Pikachu parade with The Imperial March – and it’s very disturbing

The bestselling albums of the year – it's the Classic FM Chart of the Year

Andrea Bocelli’s Sì tops the Classic FM Chart of the Year

FIVE SAX Harry Potter

SAX-pelliarmus! The Harry Potter Theme, played by a Saxophone quintet

The Harry Potter theme, but in the style of a Rachmaninov Etude

The Harry Potter theme, but in the style of a Rachmaninov Etude

Star Wars performed by a double bass quartet

A double bass quartet playing the Imperial March from Star Wars is as monumental as you’d expect

John Williams

Classic FM will broadcast An Evening with John Williams in Concert, live from the Royal Albert Hall

Love Island classical music: what’s been played in the ITV series so far?

Love Island and classical music: what’s been played on series five of the ITV2 show?

John Williams quiz

How many John Williams movies can you name?