Most shared John Williams features

metal band plays star wars

Watch a metal band play an absolutely note-perfect version of the Star Wars theme

star wars soundtrack quiz

Can you guess the Star Wars movie just from the soundtrack?

rogue one soundtrack

Michael Giacchino’s music for Rogue One has some fantastic nods to John Williams

imperial march coffee stirrer

Please enjoy the Imperial March performed on a tiny coffee stick

cello star wars medley

This cellist performs a truly huge Star Wars medley, and it's just gorgeous

star wars organ improvisation

Somehow, this organist improvised a Christmas carol into the Star Wars theme (and it’s magnificent)

star wars trumpet lady

Please take a moment to experience the worst rendition of Star Wars ever

stormtrooper playing piano

Stop what you’re doing and watch this stormtrooper playing the Imperial March on piano

steven spielberg john williams

Listen to this hilarious (and quite biting) Steven Spielberg anecdote from John Williams

Jurassic Park dinosaur and score

The Jurassic Park theme slowed down 1,000% is a minimalist masterpiece

Olympic flag

Best Olympic anthems: a timeline of the finest music written for the games

star wars flute multi track

This Star Wars flute multi-track is basically everything we love and more

Harry Potter Hedwig theme

A Harry Potter fan has turned John Williams’ soundtrack into a Chopin-esque piano fantasy

Jurassic Park in a minor theme

The Jurassic Park theme in a minor key is a much more accurate reflection of the tone of the film

John Williams awesome

7 times John Williams was completely awesome

star wars outside john williams house

Film composer John Williams is a legend and this is one of the reasons why

floppy disk star wars

Star Wars played on 64 floppy disk drives is surprisingly pleasing

trombone duel of the fates

Here’s a multi-trombone cover of ‘Duel Of The Fates’ from Star Wars