Petrenko pulls off an outstanding Rachmaninov

RLPO led by Vasily Petrenko give a richly intelligent performance of Rachmaninov works in an emotional, intense and fantastic recording

Composer: Rachmaninov
Repertoire: Symphonic Dances; The Rock, et al.
Artists: RLPO/Vasily Petrenko
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Orchestra
Label: Avie AV 2188

Anyone lucky enough to hear the RLPO play Rachmaninov recently will know what an emotional experience it can be, replicated here in an outstanding recording. Maybe it’s Petrenko’s Russian origins that inspire his orchestra to this richly intelligent performance, from the dark brooding beginnings of the Isle of the Dead to the lovely lyricism of the waltz from the Symphonic Dances. The dramatic climaxes showcase a thrilling brass section, although the orchestra plays with passion whilst maintaining both clarity and texture throughout. Put on the headphones, shut out the world and reward yourself with an hour of terrific musical intensity.