5 amazing performances of John Cage's 4'33"

John Cage

Find a quiet place and enjoy these incredible readings of the American composer's three movement magnum opus.

Four and a half minutes, in the kitchen 

If Bach can be arranged for different instruments, why can't this piece of music? But the thing that makes this performance of the taciturn masterpiece extraordinary is the appearance of a hungry, inquisitive cat.

4'33" at the piano

This pianist is masterly and meticulous in his performance. Just look at the poise and technique in that stopwatch action. 

But is it music, we hear you ask?

Because there's nothing a TED talk can't explain. Here's the Professor of Philosophy at the University of Manchester.


In a heavy metal Cage

Here's a metal drummer you wouldn't mind being nextdoor neighbours with.

That was amazing. Please can we immortalise it in a tattoo.

He's got the Rite of Spring on the other arm.

bad music tattoos


OK, we're stretching this now. But watch it four-and-a-half times and tell us it's not music, we dare you.