Classical music listening habits unveiled in new survey

22 November 2012, 11:50 | Updated: 22 November 2012, 18:01

Listening habits for classical music have been surveyed by the Philharmonia, and reveal that listening in the car is on the up.

The results of a YouGov survey assessing the public's classical music listening habits have been published. According to the survey, commissioned by the Philharmonia, the living room is now the most popular location for listening to classical music, with 43% of responses taking time to listen at home.

Concert halls are where 38% of those surveyed enjoy their classical music, while 34% listen while driving or on a car journey. Other popular ways to consume included while eating in a restaurant, while reading and while on public transport.

The survey also revealed that a huge 8 out of 10 adults have a relationship with classical music. Of the 2,020 people surveyed, 8% listen to classical music while exercising, with full-time students making up the majority of those who do.

Classical music is clearly still seen as an important ingredient on a romantic night out, too, with 17% of responses claiming to listen while on a date or at a dinner party.

Alice Walton, Marketing Director of the Philharmonia, commented: "These are myth-busting figures, showing that the great composers have importance and relevance in people’s everyday lives. At a time when people lead hectic lives, many people want to engage with music on their own terms."

The top ten locations for listening to classical music are:

1. Relaxing/‘chilling out’ at home (43%)
2. While in a concert hall (38%)
3. At a special occasion (35%)
4. While driving/on a car journey (34%)
5. When eating out (33%)
6. While reading (23%)
7. Travelling on public transport or on a flight (18%)
8. When on a date/at a dinner party (17%)
9. When working (16%)
10. While exercising (8%)