An orchestra put a GoPro on the end of a trombone and then performed Holst's The Planets

6 September 2018, 11:16

The Philharmonia Orchestra - Classic FM's Orchestra on Tour - have made a name for themselves as a music that experiments with the latest technology. But sometimes they just want to put a GoPro on the end of a trombone - and who can blame them?

This video was filmed as part of the Philharmonia's 'Universe of Sound' installation, which aimed to give people an up-close look at which instruments make up a symphony orchestra and how they all work together.

The piece chosen was Holst's The Planets - the 'Jupiter' movement. And this clip from the GoPro on one of the orchestra's trombonists is just perfect. 

If you liked that, please enjoy the Philharmonia Orchestra's percussionists having just the best time performing Mahler's Third Symphony.