English National Opera

Philip Glass’ spectacular opera ‘Satyagraha’

The English National Opera presents Philip Glass’ spectacular opera ‘Satyagraha’

Under 21? Enjoy an opera at the London Coliseum for free.

English National Opera is offering its most expensive tickets for free, to Under 21s

ENO Breathe offers vocal exercises to people suffering with Long Covid

English National Opera singers share operatic breathing techniques to aid ‘Long Covid’ recovery

Royal Oper House to receive a £21.7m emergency loan

Royal Opera House and Albert Hall among struggling arts venues to receive £165m in emergency loans

The Coliseum Theatre - London

London Coliseum reopens with a performance of Mozart’s Requiem and a “collective moment of remembrance”

Opera and musical drive-ins to resume

Live opera and theatre begin again – Jesus Christ Superstar at Regent’s Park, and drive-in operas with ‘Uber boxes’