On John Suchet's show this week

What musical delights does John Suchet have up his sleeve for you in the days ahead?

Monday 12 May

After 10, John has the first track from our new Album of the Week – it’s Einaudi as you’ve never heard him before.  John will also be marking the birthday of a great French composer, whose moustache was almost as impressive as Elgar’s! 

Tuesday 13 May

Who had the biggest ego in classical music?  John features one contender this morning, with an opera that changed music forever.  Plus – more from our new Album of the Week, which sees the piano music of Einaudi given the harp twist.

Wednesday 14 May 

The legendary conductor Otto Klemperer was born on this day in 1885 – and in the Classic FM Hall of Fame Hour this morning, John features a wonderful recording from this outstanding musician.  Find out what makes Klemperer so special, after 9.

Thursday 15 May 

What links Queen Victoria with Chopin? John will reveal the answer this morning, as well as playing another piece by Einaudi, beautifully arranged for the harp, from his Album of the Week.

Friday 16 May

Join John for loads of great Friday music, including a special recording of The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams.  John’s played this version once before, and it got a great reaction – but what makes it so good?  Find out – just after 9.