David Mellor - Sunday 20 September 2015, 7pm

David Mellor presents two hours of great music that has grabbed his attention in recent weeks.

Tonight David Mellor has a range of great music, spanning the centuries from Handel through to Gershwin, (pictured).

His Handel selection includes the march from Hercules, The Harmonious Blacksmith and the famous organ concerto, better known as The Cuckoo and the Nighingale.

Among the Gershwin selection there's a superb performance of Rhapsody in Blue, played by Earl Wild who was born 100 years ago this November.

David will also be featuring Earl Wild's recording of the second Rachmaninov Piano Concerto, made for Reader's Digest as well as his performances of Paderewski.

And there's something to enjoy from Billy Mayerl, an English pianist and composer who built a career in music hall and musical theatre and became an acknowledged master of light music - in other words, a kind of British Gershwin.