Jessica Curry’s tips for aspiring composers

21 November 2017, 16:36 | Updated: 21 November 2017, 16:43

Our High Score presenter – and BAFTA Award-winning composer – shares some pieces of advice for young composer

Jessica Curry is an award-winning composer and presenter of our video game music programme, High Score. You can hear her on air every Saturday at 9pm. And if you missed her latest programme, don’t worry – it’s available to listen to right here.

Here are Jessica Curry’s top tips

1 Target your approaches

“Write ten letters to people you genuinely admire rather than sending generic CVs to 500 people.”

2 Networking

“It’s really really important. You have to get yourself out there – people want to work with people they know.”

3 Be Strategic

“When you send out your CVs or letters, think about people who are at your level in their career, because you’re going to rise with them.”

4 Find your voice

“What everyone’s craving is an authentic voice and they’re hungry and desperate for something new. Find the thing within your music that is unique and then tell everybody about it.”

5 Be your authentic self

“It’s really tempting to try and change yourself and be someone you’re not. Be proud of who you are, always exploit it as a positive.”

And here are Jessica's top five video game music composers

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