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Three-year-old conducts Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

Toddler conducts Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony with the skill of a professional maestro

Clarinettist Andreas Ottensamer takes to the podium

Clarinettist Andreas Ottensamer makes his UK conducting debut: ‘I’ve always been very instrument-fluid’

What does a conductor do?

Why do orchestras need a conductor?

Chiya Amos: from conducting orchestras to delivering food

Singapore ballet conductor swaps baton for bike in pandemic delivery job

Conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali

‘The hottest conductor in Finland’ – we meet Philharmonia Orchestra’s Santtu-Matias Rouvali

Conductor, composer and arranger Mantovani

Historic Mantovani recordings released with new vocals by tenor Joseph Calleja

Facebook bans Dallas Opera from using promotional photo of woman conductor

Facebook bans Dallas Opera from using promotional photo of woman conductor

Humanoid robot conducts human orchestra

Giant humanoid robot conducts human orchestra in mildly disturbing footage

LOSANGELES: ET.1126. Vasily Petrenko, the 36-year-old Russian music director of the Liverpool Philha

Who is Vasily Petrenko? Meet the Russian-British conductor set to lead the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Conductor Marta Gardonlinska

Conductor Marta Gardolińska: “Our jobs are similar to those of sports people – it’s high pressure and physical strength is needed...”

James Rose of BSO Resound

Meet BSO Resound, the ensemble of disabled musicians changing the classical music world

leonard bernstein eyebrows

Watch Leonard Bernstein conduct an orchestra using only his EYEBROWS

shouting conductor

This conductor just started plain yelling in the middle of Scheherazade

Conductor falls into stage

Watch: Conductor trips and falls HEAD FIRST into the stage

Carlos Kleiber

Watch: Conductor mimes stabbing himself during an agonising performance of Der Rosenkavalier

stokowski rehearsal rage

This conductor’s rage will simultaneously terrify and inspire you

When pianists try to conduct

Here's what happens when pianists turn their hand to conducting

Conductor V4r

10 tips for becoming a great conductor