Schubert - Symphonies 3,4 & 5: Swedish Chamber Orchestra/Thomas Dausgaard

Schubert symphonies that zip along from top Swedish players. Album of the Weekend, 15-16 March 2014.

When it comes to authentic performance, the Swedish conductor Thomas Dausgaard and his 30-or-so handpicked players refrain from using original musical instruments. But they do draw on elements of the historical approach - with much faster tempos than might be expected and an energetic, straightforward sound.

When they released a recording of the late Schubert symphonies just over a year ago, the Daily Telegraph compared their performances to 'having a layer of varnish removed from a much-loved painting.'

For these recordings of Schubert's third, fourth and fifth symphonies, expect impressively fine and precise string playing and exuberant energy - but performances that may be a little lacking in emotion for some tastes.

The sound is magnificent: impeccable, crystal-clear recording.