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wolfgang amadeus mozart

Mozart symphonies: where to start

Did Salieri poison Mozart

Was Mozart actually poisoned by Salieri? Here’s the truth

Alistair McGowan

Alistair McGowan – on wrestling with Bach, returning to the piano and playing billiards with Mozart

boy soprano sings queen of the night

Watch this 14-year-old boy absolutely nail the Queen of the Night aria

Mozart Piano Concertos 20 21 Goldstein

Mozart: Piano Concertos 20 & 21/Alon Goldstein

Haydn Mozart Horn Concertos Felix Klieser

Felix Klieser plays French horn with his toes - and he's just released an uplifting second album

Tchaikovsky Competition Julia Kociuban

We asked some of the brilliant pianists at the Tchaikovsky Competition to play for us

Mozart opera arias overtures scottish chamber orch

Mozart: Opera Arias and Overtures/Scottish Chamber Orchestra

mozart hair lock

Sotheby's are auctioning actual locks of Mozart's and Beethoven's hair

Arcangelo Mozart Haydn

Mozart and Haydn: Arcangelo/Jonathan Cohen

Salzburg at dusk


Hilary Hahn Mozart Vieuxtemps violin concertos

Mozart and Vieuxtemps Violin Concertos - Hilary Hahn

silent opera don giovanni

Audience votes whether Don Giovanni dies in new production

Vilde Frang Mozart Violin Concertos

Mozart: Violin Concertos - Vilde Frang

La Boheme at the Royal Opera House

Opera: where to start

Sokolov Salzburg Recital

Grigory Sokolov - The Salzburg Recital