Lord Mayor of Liverpool to visit the Phil

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra will be visited by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool at Wavertree Children’s Centre tomorrow. Chancellor Mike Storey will be observing the Orchestra’s Tuning into Children music-making sessions.

The sessions form part of the RLPO’s programmes in children’s centres across Liverpool, designed to foster an early interest in and enjoyment of music by children. They target two different age-groups: 0-3 and 3-4 years, as well as the children’s parents and carers, through vocal and instrumental music-making

The sessions will be led by RLPO musicians Ian Bracken (cello), Celia Goodwin (violin) and Becky Walter (viola). The sessions will open with a ‘Hello song’, welcoming each child to the group by name. Nursery rhymes, with accompanying actions for parents and children, will follow. Children will be able to choose an object from a ‘Song bag’ and the group will sing a song. They will then use instruments and be encouraged to improvise. A ‘chill-out’ exercise will provide an opportunity for the parent and child to relax together and listen to live music. Finally, a ‘Goodbye song’ will say goodbye to every child by name.

The RLPO’s Tuning into Children sessions aim to develop children's listening, concentration, social and communciation skills, and self expression, as well as their interest in music. They also offer an opportunity for bonding between parents or carers and children.