RLPO conductor Timothy Henty at Classic FM Live: 'This is an unexpected pleasure'

What happens when a conductor breaks his ankle ahead of a concert? You call in Timothy Henty.

Timothy Henty - the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra's conductor for Classic FM Live - was thrilled to learn that he was to be on the rostrum at the Royal Albert Hall, but also surprised. He only found out a few days before the concert.

When the original conductor pulled out because he broke his ankle and got stranded in Brazil - (classical music is a dangerous business) - Henty was the man called to step into the breach. 

Some of the repertoire was very unfamiliar to him, he said, but he had full confidence in the RLPO to rise to the occasion.

"I've been working with them since 2009," Henty told Jane Jones, "and it's always like coming home to a family." 

"You know that you can trust them. So even if its repertoire that I'm not sure about, I am sure about their performance."