Watch some gorgeous Handel at The Foundling Museum

31 January 2018, 14:33 | Updated: 23 February 2018, 16:04

By Lizzie Davis

Red Priest are one of the country’s leading Baroque groups – and they always put their unique spin on the music of Vivaldi, Handel and their fellow composers. This performance of Handel in The Foundling Museum in London is no exception

Red Priest have made a name for themselves by performing the works by the great Baroque composers… in their own unique style.

It’s fair to say they’re not what you might expect from an early music group.

Here they are with a performance of a Czardas that’s so energetic you’ll probably need to sit down afterwards (from the group's piece Lascia Ch'lo Czardas)

The performance was so energetic in fact that one of the strings on the violin snapped mid-way through (the dramatic moment is shown in the video at the top of the page).

The group also performed some Handel just for us. Handel has a historic link with The Foundling Museum– in 1749 he offered to stage a concert to raise funds for the chapel at the hospital. He also left the score of The Messiah to the hospital in his will.

So it’s exceptionally appropriate that Red Priest played some Handel for us – and they’ll be performing more Handel in the museum on 23rd February.

Find out more about Red Priest and their upcoming concerts around the UK here.