Operatic dog duets perfectly with Luciano Pavarotti on ‘Nessun dorma’

4 August 2020, 12:05 | Updated: 25 October 2022, 17:27

Dog duets with Pavarotti
Dog duets with Pavarotti. Picture: Best Recipes UK/Twitter

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

You thought it was Pavarotti, but it was doggo.

This is the call and response you never knew Puccini’s great aria needed.

Hugo, a very good boy from Whitley Bay, has been caught on camera singing along with Luciano Pavarotti’s famous recording of his signature aria, ‘Nessun dorma’.

As the film plays on TV in the background, the blonde labrador sits serenely at the window, admiring the sunset.

But as soon as Pavarotti approaches the climax of the tenor aria, Hugo comes trotting over from his viewpoint, wagging his tail.

It soon emerges that this good boy is well-trained in the art of singing high notes.

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Dog sings along to Pavarotti

His owner, known as Best Recipes UK on Twitter, says Hugo loves all opera – but Pava-Rott-i (sorry) is his favourite.

At the end of their duet, Hugo approaches the screen, basking in the great Italian tenor’s post-performance glory.

The sunset, Hugo’s happy face and wagging tail, the ping of Luciano’s incredible high B… it’s all just wonderful stuff.

If you’re having a ruff day, this is just the ticket to cheer you up (watch above).