Luciano Pavarotti with Anne-Marie Minhall - Classic FM's Greatest Interviews

One of the most popular and best loved classical recording artists of all time, Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti invited Classic FM to interview him at his home in Italy.

In an open, warm and generous interview in 2004, Luciano Pavarotti spoke to Ann-Marie Minhall about performance, preparation and marking his 40th anniversary debut, with a concert in Modena, Italy. 

He reflects on performing in Hyde Park in the rain and his love for Covent Garden, London "It was the first big theatre that I performed in, in 1963 aged 28".

Pavarotti reveals how he mentally and physically prepares for a performance "I'm not a fanatic so I always think that I'm not going to be able to perform it in the same way as the greats."

Luciano Pavarotti Interview with Anne-Marie Minhall