Classic FM’s guide to Twitter

15 July 2014, 16:52 | Updated: 4 January 2017, 16:07

Want music news and entertainment in 140 characters? We're celebrating the 8th anniversary of Twitter's launch with this handy list of classical musicians and places you simply MUST follow.

1. Eric Whitacre

Oh Eric, with your shiny hair, toe-curling harmonies, and brilliantly geeky Twitter feed. We wish we were as cool as you.


2. Wigmore Hall

It's London's peerless chamber music venue and their Twitter feed is as exquisite as their hall's acoustic. Expect memes, chamber music superstars, irreverent commentary, and loving good morning and good night messages. Definitely worth a follow. 

3. Lang Lang

Football updates, concert photos, quotes and witticisms: there's plenty to engage with on Lang Lang's Twitter account. But let's be honest, you're probably just following him for selfies like this:


4. Gustavo Dudamel

Ah, 'the Dude'. Otherwise known as internationally renowned super-conductor Gustavo Dudamel. Worth a follow, if only for his puntastic hashtags:


5. 2Cellos

The bow-breaking, boundary-smashing, genre-defying duo's unique string-fuelled videos send the internet into a tailspin instants after they're posted online. Prepare yourself for cello anarchy as your timeline fills up with moments like this:


6. Tasmin Little

Doesn't matter whether or not she has a packed rehearsal schedule: violinist Tasmin Little always has time to interact and encourage fellow musicians. And that's why we love her.


7. London Symphony Orchestra

Not planning to become an orchestral trombonist any time soon? Panic not: follow the LSO on Twitter and you'll get a whole host of on stage photos from the world's greatest venues. Not to mention a tonne of interesting snaps from their amazing open air events.


8. Stephen Hough

Expect talk of poetry, puddings and pianos from the ever-charming and dazzlingly talented Stephen Hough. All deliciously crafted into 140 character titbits.


9. Royal Albert Hall Organ

Whoever taught this instrument how to use an iPhone deserves a medal.


10. Royal Opera House

Delve deep into the inner workings of this magnificent opera house through the wonders of this hugely active Twitter account. Expect opera facts, YouTube clips, audience interaction - and all with a pinch of good humour.