Robert Winston On…

Professor Lord Robert Winston joins Classic FM to present four shows from 27-30 December 2012.

This brand new four part series of programmes focuses on everything from drinking songs to pastoral music.

Robert Winston On…

27 December: ...drinking songs. From La Traviata’s famous drinking song through to Wagner's Gotterdammerung and Bach’s coffee cantata, pour yourself your favourite tipple and tune in.

28 December: …the countryside. Robert takes a stroll in to the great outdoors. He starts with one of the most archetypal countryside pieces, the 'Pastoral' Symphony by Beethoven and then travels to France before ending up in the Alps.

29 December: …musical birds. Robert goes all ornithological and explores 'birds' in classical music. There's a couple of cuckoos, a wood dove, a mythical swan and…William Byrd.

30 December: ...Sticky endings. Tonight is dedicated to those who've met with an unfortunate end. Featuring Frenchman Alkan who was killed by a falling bookcase, Lully who experienced death by a conductor’s cane and Chausson who rode his bike into a brick wall.