Pet Classics, our special programme to calm pets on Bonfire Night, returns for 2022

3 November 2022, 17:51

Charlotte Hawkins introduces ‘Pet Classics’

Charlotte Hawkins hosts our much-loved show filled with classical music to help keep anxious pets – and their owners – calm and relaxed this fireworks season.

Fireworks season is an exciting time with spectacular displays around the country – but for our pets, the loud bangs and bright lights can be very scary.

Recently, a survey by the RSPCA revealed that two-thirds (63%) of animal owners reported that their pet was distressed during fireworks season. Playing relaxing music was the most common way (36%) to help calm or prepare their animal, along with taking their animal elsewhere (29%). Many kennels and rehoming centres use the power of classical music to decrease stress levels amongst their animals.

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Charlotte Hawkins with Frank, a RSPCA rescue dog
Charlotte Hawkins with Frank, a RSPCA rescue dog. Picture: Classic FM

This year, Classic FM is once again teaming up with the RSPCA to create our two Pet Classics programmes and curate the music. Both shows will be packed with the most soothing and comforting classical music, handpicked by Classic FM to help calm and settle any anxious pets.

Pet Classics will be hosted by Classic FM presenter Charlotte Hawkins, and alongside the music will feature dedications to listeners’ pets as well as advice from the RSPCA for any owners looking to reassure their animals.

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Classic FM’s Pet Classics: Charlotte Hawkins and Frank in the studio
Classic FM’s Pet Classics: Charlotte Hawkins and Frank in the studio. Picture: Classic FM

Since its inception in 2017, Pet Classics has received a massive audience response, with #PetClassics trending at number one on Twitter last year. Classic FM’s social media accounts were subsequently flooded with thousands of pictures of listeners’ pets and animals, relaxing to the programmes, ranging from dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters, to horses, tortoises, parrots, hedgehogs, goldfish and an iguana!

We’ll be encouraging listeners to do the same this year, sharing photos of their pets enjoying the music, using the hashtag #PetClassics across social media. (Just like this handsome fellow from last year...)

In addition to Pet Classics, Classic FM has created a playlist of peaceful classical music for the nation’s pets, which is available anytime on Global Player.

Charlotte Hawkins said: “I am so thrilled to be hosting Pet Classics again this year, as it’s such a special show. I’ve seen first-hand from my dog just how difficult a time it can be for pets during the fireworks, but it’s amazing the difference relaxing music can have in helping to calm and soothe animals.

“We had such an overwhelming response to Pet Classics last year, it was so good seeing the impact the music made to pets up and down the country. We were sent photos of dogs, cats, birds, horses and even a chilled-out iguana… so I’m looking forward to people joining in again this year and sending me lots of photos of their calm pets!”

Charlotte Hawkins with Frank’s owner, RSPCA Chief Inspector Clare Dew
Charlotte Hawkins with Frank’s owner, RSPCA Chief Inspector Clare Dew. Picture: Classic FM

RSPCA Chief Inspector Clare Dew said: “We know fireworks are a source of stress for animals each year, and that owners can really struggle with knowing what to do for the best. It’s one of the reasons we are delighted to partner with Classic FM on their Pet Classics programmes, as studies show that calming music can be beneficial for some animals during this time.

“I’d suggest keeping your home as quiet as possible, shutting the curtains, creating a safe haven with blankets and a favourite toy for your pet, sticking the radio on and having a chill out evening. We’d also encourage people holding displays to be mindful of animals who live outside.

“My own rescue dog Frank struggles at this time of year and he finds it reassuring to know we are there at home with him, so that's where I’ll be this year.”

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Pet Classics with Charlotte Hawkins will be broadcast on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 November from 5pm to 9pm, on Classic FM.